• Programme design and evaluation
  • Management strategic guidance and mentoring
  • Institutional self-evaluation and internal audit facilitation
  • International student guidance and support
  • Inter-institutional collaboration planning and facilitation


Moodle - On-line Learning Management System
Education is developing rapidly to incorporate internet technology in the delivery of courses through e-learning or though blended delivery, a combination of on-line and face-to-face instruction. Blended delivery enables teachers to harness the opportunities of the internet while ensuring that students gain from

Giles Brooker Ltd has partnered with Prima Learning Works, a division of Waikato Institute of Technology, to develop and host on-line Learning Management Systems which provide students with on-demand access to information about their courses, study notes and audio-visual presentations, formative assessments and access to their teachers. Formal assessments can be uploaded in advance and released at set times.
An On-line Learning Management System enables teachers to monitor student progress in self-study and institutions to ensure a controlled delivery of core components of the curriculum.