• Programme design and evaluation
  • Management strategic guidance and mentoring
  • Institutional self-evaluation and internal audit facilitation
  • International student guidance and support
  • Inter-institutional collaboration planning and facilitation

Integrated Quality Management Systems

Giles Brooker Ltd has used powerful software developed for Business Process Mapping to develop a Quality Management System analysis and development tool which integrates the principles and practices of business process mapping with those of quality management in an education context.

The Integrated Quality Management System identifies the critical Business/Quality Management processes, breaking them into stages and tasks. Processes are linked to underpinning policies and shown as flow charts with notes outlining necessary information. Each process is tagged as the responsibility of a designated member or members of the institution. The responsibilities of each individual or group are further referenced in a Roles section of the document and linked to job descriptions.

Staff roles and responsibilities are clearer and gaps or duplications are easily identified and remedied.

Links are also made to useful forms and institutional information and to external information which is then easily accessible by all users within the institution. Critical dates, frequencies or time targets for processes can easily be added.

Quality Management System documentation is produced in three versions: an interactive html version for use on an intranet within the institution and a printed version for reference and compliance requirements of external agencies, and focused versions showing individual responsibilities.