• Programme design and evaluation
  • Management strategic guidance and mentoring
  • Institutional self-evaluation and internal audit facilitation
  • International student guidance and support
  • Inter-institutional collaboration planning and facilitation


Environmental scoping
A rapidly changing world means great challenges and opportunities for educational institutions. A programme portfolio needs to reflect the needs and interests of your students and you broader stakeholder communities. And programmes need to reflect the changing world – the present and our best understanding of the future, while reflecting on the past.

Programme Design and Evaluation
Sound programme design is based on getting some basic cornerstones in place and remembering to consider a range of issues. Then there's a lot of wordsmithing so that others can follow your intentions.

An experienced, independent facilitator can help resolve tensions within teams when you're trying to balance strongly-held opinions and build a coherent programme.

Accreditation support
Most programmes need to be accredited either by government agencies or by professional bodies…. and often by both. We are experienced at balancing the different requirements - sometimes overlapping and sometimes even conflicting – and helping institutions successfully negotiate their way through these.

Policy and systems development
Clear and simple policies that are based on values and principles are the key to successful systems that will be understood and consistently implemented. We will work to understand your values and help you align your expectations with external requirements to produce a set of institutional policies and procedures that will guide your institution.

Collaborative arrangement facilitation
Collaboration is an efficient way to enhance your programme portfolio and offer exciting choices to your students. Increased communication between staff and students between institutions and often between countries and cultures will provide great benefits to all. Collaboration works best if sound planning and project management ensures that high level aspirations are supported by detailed analysis and alignment of processes. Giles Brooker Ltd has considerable experience developing and evaluating collaborative/joint venture programmes and can help with both the big picture and the small print.