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CV Review and Development

Is your CV suitable for the New Zealand market? Do you want to avoid your CV being discarded after 30 seconds?

Employers often scan CVs in less than 30 seconds, sorting them into ‘not interested’, ‘might interview’, and ‘will interview’ piles.

If your CV does not attract the attention of the employer, it is likely to be discarded having been glanced at briefly. Your CV needs to be very readable to the person who is going make short-listing decisions, as this improve your chances of gaining an interview.

Your CV might be considered great in one country, but not suitable for another. Your CV must tell the employer everything they want to know about you, using the words that are relevant to the country and to the industry – words that you may not be aware of, so may neglect to use. This has become even more important with most job applications being submitted online, as many companies use software to search for key words within CV’s as part of the short-listing process.

Why do international differences matter?

When joining the global workforce it is vital that you adapt your job seeking tools and techniques to the country in which you are seeking a job.

  • CV formats differ considerably. Formats that are common and are acceptable in other countries may not fulfill the needs of employers in the country where you are applying for a job, and may not result in gaining interviews and jobs.
  • The style used in a CV may also differ from country to country – and if a prospective employer sees that an applicant used the style of the country in which they are applying for jobs, they are more likely to take notice of the CV.
  • The length of a CV also differs a great deal from country to country, with some requiring one page, whereas others expect 3-4 pages
  • CVs that may work well in India or Great Britain may not even get you an interview in New Zealand or Australia

Giles Brooker Ltd can help
Giles Brooker Ltd has experience in both the New Zealand and international educational contexts. We have human resources qualified staff who can help you revise your CV, making it more relevant to New Zealand employers and their needs. We can also assist in writing cover letters for your job applications.

Areas we focus on in revisions

Removal of unnecessary details Change language used to NZ appropriate Change style and structure
Amend or remove obscure acronyms Include NZ relevant sections Ensure consistency
Amend spelling, grammar and typo mistakes Ensure inclusion of keywords Ensure appropriate font is used