International Experience

International Experience

India has an ancient and respected history of respecting education, enquiry and wisdom, from the long conversations between Krishna and Arjuna and some of the world’s first universities at Taxila and Nalanda to the highly respected Indian Institutes of Technology and Management and India’s great universities, India’s past and future strength was, and will be, found in education.


As in most countries, education inspires the desire to explore and discover new or different ways of doing things, different ways of thinking about things and different ways of living.  Young people are excited by other ways and it is good for the country to encourage them to explore these, to confront challenges and to learn from these in order to return strengthened and more confident of their future and the contribution they can make to their family and to their community.


Most great and successful Indians have spent time living and studying in other countries. Of course, some of them have not returned to India, but continue to contribute to growing strength of the country and their own families in many ways.  The Indian diaspora is the envy of many countries.


Today most countries encourage their young people to spend some time abroad, either studying or working and all the time growing as a result of the international experience they are gaining.


Giles Brooker Education believes that this international experience lays the foundation for a successful career, whether it be on a student’s return to India, or during an extended period of work and living abroad.  We have experienced this in different ways and wish to share our enthusiasm for the international experience and our knowledge of international opportunities to make this experience safe and positive for all.

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Study Tours to India


 GBE is working with Bannari Amman Institute of Technology to organize specialist study tours to India in fields such as Fashion and Textiles....


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