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A cluster of 63 islands situated in the heart of South East Asia, Singapore has been a busy port city since the 19th century and is now a leading financial centre in the world. A highly developed nation, Singapore has the third highest per capita income in the world. The island-state has four official languages namely Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English.

Singapore is largely cosmopolitan, composed of immigrants from various countries who come here for work or study. The people of Singapore live harmoniously with one another celebrating all festivals irrespective of race or culture. Most Singaporeans speak more than one language.

The climate of Singapore is warm and at times balmy. Monsoon showers offer much relief from the warmth. The general weather is sunny throughout the year contributing to the place's genial environment. The temperature is usually at a lowest of 20oC (68oF) 30oC (86oF).

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 GBE is working with Bannari Amman Institute of Technology to organize specialist study tours to India in fields such as Fashion and Textiles....


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